How to Save Time by Scheduling Social Media

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Social Media Scheduling

Abraham Lincoln once said: “The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.” Instead of taking everything day by day or sweating about what comes next, invest in your future. And with the future here, I mean the future of your social media content and more precisely, how to schedule you social media!

Too often I have friends, colleagues and clients telling me they’re worried about not knowing what to post next, so they are in a hurry to finding content to create a buffer. So, instead of predicting the future how about creating it? Scheduling social media is more than just a buzzword – it’s a necessity to save time and be more productive.

Before you start scheduling, however, you can also use a Content Calendar to your benefit, if you like to keep your plan in one place. Hubspot has a Social Media Content Calendar Template which you can copy and apply to your business, instead of inventing the wheel yourself!

Since this is such a life-saver to businesses, I am going to show you some of my favorite apps and tricks to save time by scheduling your social media.


Hootsuite is one of the biggest tools for social media management (and much more than that). It allows you to connect your social networks, have an overview of them and their streams, to schedule posts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and search for hashtags. It has a pretty user-friendly interface.

However, until now, every scheduling service so far would only let you schedule for Instagram, but it would send a push notification to your phone and you would have to manually post it yourself.

As Hootsuite just announced, you can now schedule posts with the Instagram Graph API and publish them automatically via your business account. Yay for that!


Planoly is quite a new tool, but it has a really user-friendly interface and is very easy to grasp. However, Planoly is only for Instagram social media scheduling and I recommend you use this, especially if you spend a lot of time on Instagram for your brand.

The grid option shows you what you have already published, what you have scheduled (with a blue ‘S’ in the left-hand corner) and what is yet unscheduled (with a pink ‘U’ in the left-hand corner).

The grid helps you see your own feed and if the image fits with the rest of your brand’s content and general look. For those brands that really value curated content and a specific color and filter in their feed, Planoly is your friend for scheduling your social media.

Planoly social media scheduling

Scheduling on Facebook

Facebook has a really easy way to schedule your social media posts, that it makes it unnecessary to use third-party tools, in my opinion. All you need to do is add your post and/or media, then click the drop-down menu next to post and hit schedule.


Crowdfire is not a classic scheduling tool that everyone uses, but maybe should. Crowdfire lets you put in all the necessary information about your brand so that it can analyze your needs and the content that fits you. It wants to know if you’re using Crowdfire for yourself, your business or for a client. Then you can pick topics from a wide range that fit your needs – from Advertising to Architecture, from DIY & Crafts to Technology. You can pick the topics that are the most relevant to you and Crowdfire will show you content that fits the topics, which you can pick from and schedule for posting.

You also have the option to do keyword research and find accounts that post about your keywords, a smart feed showing tweets based on your keywords and much more.

Crowdfire’s API best works for leveraging your Twitter account.


Another easy to use social media scheduling tool is Buffer.

Buffer allows you to fill up your queue and connect with one of each social media account in the Free Plan. You have an overview of the posts you have scheduled in your queue and can drag and drop posts, to change their chronology.


Which tools do you like using to schedule your social media? Do you have any questions? Ask me!

How to save time by scheduling social media

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