7 Social Media Trends for 2019

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7 social media trends for 2019

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As we enter the new year and technology advances every second, social media trends change with time too. As marketers we need to think about how to make our company or our client’s company successful in the new year and keep up with the social media trends.

But what are those new trends?

Here are 7 social media trends that you should keep at the top of your radar, to stay in the game in 2019.

#1 Live Content

Live and disposable content has been rising by popular demand. Started off by Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram have taken over this field.

What do I mean by disposable content? Stories! Snippets and short clips to get into people’s short attention spans – that is then again disposed within 24 hours. People like LIVE – to feel the exclusivity of following a story in real-time and feel as if they are with you in the moment.

This has been a social media trend that was already very pronounced in 2018 and is sure to continue dominating the social media world in 2019 too.

If you haven’t tried doing an Instagram or Facebook Live yet – this is your year to shine! Whether you are an individual or a brand – reach out to your community live and you will see your engagement skyrocketing if you stay at it consistently.

#2 AI & Chatbots

With technology improving and AI becoming a part of our daily lives, it is no wonder that it has stepped into the social media world as well.  Artificial Intelligence helps in creating real-time engagement with customers through chatbots. Communicating with customers and reaching out to them has become much easier through this, because you can directly reach the customer without needing e-mail to communicate with them.

Clever ways to use this social media trend?

Think Facebook Messenger Bots or Chatbots on your website to answer questions of customers quicker. Or even a Whats App bot. A great example of how to put this into use, is the German company Urlaubspiraten. Instead of always checking through your inbox for the newest holiday deals and probably ignoring it or sending it straight to trash – because let’s face it, we all have flooded inboxes – you get deals delivered straight to your Whats App. You can turn this service on and off at any time.


#3 Social Media Ads

Social media ads are no longer a trend anymore, but a necessity. With the number of users increasing every year, attention spans sinking but the number of companies that are advertising rising – it is crucial to join the bandwagon.

In comparison to classic forms of advertisement, it is still the cheapest option and also serves as one of the most targeted forms of advertisement.

#4 Social Media TV

It’s not only Youtube anymore that comes to mind when mentioning social media tv, but IGTV by Instagram has been the biggest rising social media trend that was launched in 2018 and will take over in 2019 as well.

Instagram is trying its best to create a format and an exclusive experience that users want to return to every day. IGTV is perfect for users that want longer forms of content – longer than Stories at least. Whether it’s an interview, a close-up look behind the scenes of your brand, a tutorial or a video diary – IGTV is the perfect fit for it!

#5 Video

Video killed the radio star!

Well, it sure did and is continuing to do so.

This is not a new social media trend, but one that is not going to leave us any time soon. As much as platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest make our experiences very visual, it is videos still we spend the most time on on social media.

Our attention spans scroll past texts and images, but videos are always a show-stopper, especially if they are somehow catchy and relevant to the user’s interests. Think about the number of times you stop for a cute puppy video or a workout video or DIY cooking videos. Make use of what could be interesting to viewers and place your brand on video!

#6 Influencers

Influencers are a big part of company’s marketing strategies and are going to continue growing as an industry and a social media trend in 2019 as well. Influencer Marketing represents a trackable and authentic channel – when collaborating with the right influencer – with competitive ROI to other forms of marketing spends, that companies cannot ignore.

With influencer marketing platforms and divisions in agencies booming, we can expect brands to continue growing influencer campaigns in their social media strategy in 2019.

However, it won’t be the big influencers such as celebrities that will be leading influencer campaigns. But focus will be shifted more towards brand ambassadors and micro-influencers with engaged audiences.

influencer marketing

#7 Personalization

Think about all of the information that floods your way – from your e-mail inbox to social media ads to the apps you use.

Now think about all of the information that you – as a user – put out there. From your name, to your interests, your location to where you want to go to.

It’s become very easy to get insights into all kinds of information about the people sitting behind the screen. This makes personalization very easy and enhances the consumer experience.

From emails to products, notifications to content – all of it can now be tailored to the consumer’s needs based on their purchase history, buyer’s journey and other behaviour on the internet.

Prime examples of companies putting this to use are Netflix, Amazon and Booking.com.

Booking.com targets you back with ads, if you haven’t proceeded with booking a place you looked at or notifies you about deals that fit to you personally.

Netflix knows exactly what you’ve watched and understands your interests, so it offers shows to watch based on what you’ve previously watched.

If we put aside the fact how freaky it is, that the the places we visit on the internet know us inside and out, it is actually pretty sweet! Our experiences are tailor-made for us and personalized. This trend will not be slowing down, but personalization will rather increase.


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