Grow your Community!

Build a profitable  and engaged community around your brand

Grow your community and your business to the next level through my tried and tested strategies. Developing a loyal, engaged community requires the right tools and methods to create sustainable momentum. Let me help you to achieve your goals by teaching you what I have learnt over many years of building succesful communities.

Hi, I’m Céline …

… and I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and companies build successful communities. I have experienced the positive impact of an engaged community and how it can contribute to the success of businesses I have helped. Now I want to teach you how to build, manage and grow a vibrant community and replicate these successes to expand your company’s marketing outreach goals.

Let me teach you ...

How to focus your attention on what's important, when it comes to community building and management

How to rock your online presence

Strategies for building a community which can be tailored to different business models

How to turn customers into brand ambassadors

I want to …

She is talented, passionate and extremely positive. Her passion for community building and marketing makes her a great asset to anybody who works with her.

Reza SolhiSocial Entrepreneur & Lecturer

Céline helped us with her insights to set up our social media and community strategies. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Jan René FrickeExecutive Chairman, Caffezza GmbH

She’s a great marketer. It’s her ability to connect with others on a personal level that sets her apart.

Shivani KohliCo-Owner Bareburger DE

Céline helped set up our online marketing strategy from our social media channels to our blog. She also positioned us at high-level events such as the AI Summit to bring our company in front of the right audience, which helped us close a lot of leads. It was a pleasure to work with Céline and she is very dedicated and focuses on her client's needs and goals.

Vishal RaiFounder & CEO, Acellere

Céline has a deep understanding of social media and community building across a variety of fields. She's helped me tremendously in bringing my restaurants in front of the right audience!

Michael RiemenschneiderChef & Patron
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April 18, 2019

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